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simpsons etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

Cuma, Mart 11, 2011

Dün Buna Güldüm :) Mouse M.D.

"Scratchy comes into the emergency wing of a hospital with a splinter in his hand. Itchy, as Scratchy's doctor, walks into the room. Scratchy is sitting on a hospital bed as Itchy's diagnostics team looks over him, consulting his chart. Itchy observes Scratchy and appears to arrive upon a diagnosis, proceeding to administer an unconventional treatment of sawing both of Scratchy's legs off and putting them in his ears. He looks at Scratchy, apparently disappointed, shakes his head, and removes the legs from his ears (throwing them into a trash can). The scene cuts to Itchy and his medical diagnostics team pensively consulting a board that reads:
  • (Check) Stick Legs in Ears
  • (Check) Replace Heart with Spider
  • (Check) Acid Enema
  • (Check) Go Through Wallet
Itchy turns to look at Scratchy, who has apparently also had his abdominal cavity cut open by now (perhaps for the arachno-cardial transplant), and a lightbulb appears over his head. He grabs the bulb, breaks it and uses it to cut Scratchy's head off, then puts the head in Scratchy's abdominal cavity and stitches it up. Scratchy then gives birth to his head and nurses it."